Tenant Handbook

Communicating Maintenance Requests

All maintenance requests must be presented to KHI in writing through our website. Using your computer or portable device, click the Tenants tab to submit a request or go directly to our Maintenance Page.

Telephone calls during office hours

During office hours, staff is usually available to answer your call. Please state the reason for your call so that we can direct your call to the right person. If you get our voice mail system, leave a message with your name, phone number, and the property address. A staff member will return your call.

After hours calls

The voice mail system will take all messages after hours. Messages will be returned the following business day.

Change of Information

It is important that you notify KHI of any changes in your telephone, fax, cell numbers, or email. An information change form may be submitted from the KHI website on the Update Tenant Information page.


Email is a great way to communicate. To reach the general office, you can email us at kevin@knapphall.com.


The KHI website contains important information for tenants. You may submit maintenance requests from the Maintenance page of the KHI website. You may also send emails to KHI directly from the website on the Contact Us page.

KHI Office

We keep an office at 10392 E 21st Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129 USA. We meet tenants and owners at office by appointment only. Please call us before attempting to meet us at our Office.

Business Information


10392 E 21st Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129


Business # 918-621-1425
FAX # 918-621-1426
Email: kevin@knapphall.com
Website: www.KnappHall.com

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday 9:00 am -5:00 pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Holidays Closed


Move-in Inspection

A completed move-in inspection form is included with your Lease. The purpose of the move-in inspection form is for you to document any issue at the property for which you do not wish to be held financially responsible at move-out. It is important to know that just because you listed an issue on the Exhibit does not mean it will be fixed or replaced, but it is documented.

Utility Companies

It is your responsibility to have utilities turned on in your name on the first day of your Lease. KHI cancels the utilities in the owner’s name after 3 business days have passed. To avoid discontinuation of service, contact the utility companies prior to move-in.


Some day you will eventually move out of the property. It is important that during your residency, you care for your rental history and credit. Most likely, you will either rent again or purchase a home. In either case, you will need good rental references and a good credit report. Avoid late rent payments, care for the property, and move out properly. This will give KHI the opportunity to provide a good reference for you when you vacate the property.

Rent is Due on the First, Late on the Fifth

Rent is due on the first day of each month. Rent is late if received on or after the Fifth. If we receive your rent payment after the Fifth day of the month, you must include a late fee equal to $50. Please note that it does not matter what date the check was mailed: rent is considered paid when we receive it not when you mail it. We suggest either using our electronic payment service or mailing your check several business days early to insure that we receive your payment on time.

KHI offers 3 ways to pay rent: By electronic check, by mail or by using our drop box:

  1. Payment by Mail

    Make your rent check payable to Knapp Hall Investments. Don’t forget to clearly indicate your name and residence address on the check or money order.

    Attn: Rent Payment
    Knapp Hall Investments
    10392 E 21st Street
    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129

  2. Payment by Drop Box:

    NOTE: Never Place CASH in the Drop-Box!! Knapp Hall has a secure drop box that is left of the main entry door to our office. Important: Any funds put in the box after business hours will be posted the next day, and not the date you put it in the box. The box is located at our office address: 10392 E 21st Street, Tulsa Oklahoma 74129

  3. Payment by Credit Card

    KHI uses a vendor, SquareUp, to process electronic rent payments. We accept all major Credit Card Carriers. There is a 3% Convenience fee . You can call the office for credit card payment over the phone, or come into the office and use your credit care with our Credit Card Readers.

What will happen if you do not pay the rent?

At KHI, we take our responsibilities seriously and expect our tenants to do the same. KHI’s job is to ensure that our tenants get what they pay for, namely a well-maintained property. The tenant’s job is to live in the property peacefully, care for it properly, and pay the rent when it is due.

When rent is not paid, here are the steps KHI will take:

  • On the Fifth day of the month KHI sends a “Demand Letter” by email to all tenants whose rent has not been received. A “Demand Letter” letter notifies the tenant:
    • That rent has not been received
    • A late fee has been added, refer to your Lease Agreement
    • The total amount must be received within 5 business days
    • Requests the tenant to either pay the funds owed or move out
    • That KHI has the right to file eviction documents at the county courthouse if rent is not received within three business days. This is the first step in the eviction process.
  • Three business days later, if the rent has not been received, KHI will file all necessary eviction documents with the local courts. At this point, legal and other fees start becoming costly. A few days after filing the county Sheriff will visit the property and serve the Entry and Detainer order If the tenant is not at home the Sheriff will serve the order by “tack and mail” (the warrant will be attached to the door and a copy placed in first class mail).
  • After the eviction has been started, in most cases the tenant may get current by paying all funds due using certified funds and KHI will have the Entry and Detainer order dismissed. If KHI does not receive these funds, however, then a court date will follow and the eviction process will proceed.

KHI takes no pleasure in evicting any tenant. It is a fundamental truth, however, that you really do have to “pay to stay”.

Maintenance Reimbursement

Your lease prohibits you from altering, repairing, modifying, or improving the property in any way, including painting, without prior written authorization from KHI. KHI assigns a vendor to perform work you request in your residence. However, if you have contacted KHI and requested to perform the maintenance yourself and KHI has agreed in writing to authorize the repair and reimburse you:

  • Pay the bill and send the receipt to KHI.
  • KHI will reimburse the amount due to you.
  • Do NOT deduct the amount from your rent.

KHI will not reimburse any tenant repairs that are not authorized in advance in writing.


Being a tenant in a home owned by someone else is a privilege. KHI expects all residents to treat the home as if it were their own. Any abuse or neglect to the property will result in immediate eviction proceedings.

Getting to know your residence

When you move into a property, it is helpful to know where important items are located. Take the time to know or locate the following:

  • Main circuit breaker in case power goes out
  • Gas shut off valve – turn off during emergencies for safety
  • GFCI outlets – so you can check them if your plugs or appliances in the bathroom, kitchen, patio or garage fail to work
  • Electric and/or gas meters to check your utility bills
  • The main water shutoff valve in case of major flooding
  • Water shutoff valves below the sinks and behind toilets in case of water leaks
  • HVAC filter location – Changing filters is YOUR responsibility!
  • Disposal reset button
  • Emergency garage door release

If you are uncertain about any of the above items, contact the KHI office for help.


Avoid being charged for maintenance

Your lease describes certain maintenance issues that YOU are responsible for; there is also a list below under “Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities”. If you insist on a maintenance visit for an issue you are responsible for, you will pay for the entire service call. We highly suggest working closely with our maintenance coordinator, who will trouble-shoot issues with you by email, or on the phone, in an effort to avoid unnecessary vendor visits and charges to you. These simple maintenance items are far less expensive for you to handle in accordance with your lease.

You don’t want to pay a $85 vendor visit for a $10 air filter easily found at Home Depot!

How to submit maintenance requests

All maintenance requests must be in writing. The easiest way to submit a maintenance request is to use the request form at the KHI website. You may also mail or FAX a maintenance request to us if you do not have internet access.

  • It is your responsibility to accommodate the vendor’s schedule not the vendor’s responsibility to accommodate your schedule. If you request an appointment with a vendor but fail to show up, you will be charged the vendor’s trip fee (minimum $85). Therefore, be certain to call the vendor as soon as possible if you are unable to keep an appointment.
  • If you do not hear from a vendor or repair person within 2 business days, call the KHI office and inform us that a vendor has not contacted you.
  • A KHI staff member will contact the vendor to find out the cause of the delay and then inform you when to expect the vendor to call.

Response Time

Keep in mind that you are living in a single-family home, not an apartment building. The response time you experience will be very similar to any other home owner. We hire vendors to service your needs; they are independent business people and schedule their own time. While we do insist on reasonable response time from our vendors, that should not be interpreted as “immediate”. If you report that your air conditioner has failed on the hottest day of the year every HVAC vendor in the city will be backed up and it may take several days for a technician to get to your home. Once on site, the technician will diagnose the problem and may need to order parts. These parts may take several more days to be delivered. Our role, on your behalf, is to insure that all maintenance is completed in a “reasonable” timeframe.

What is an emergency?

An emergency is a life-threatening or home-destroying issue such as a fire, flood, gas leak, break-in, major tree-fall on the property, etc.

  • Emergencies causing immediate danger such as fire, call 911
  • Emergencies involving natural gas, call the gas company and if necessary, 911
  • Emergencies involving immediate electrical danger, call the utility service or 911
  • After contacting one of the above, call the KHI office and report the problem.

NOTE: An emergency is NOT air conditioning, non-working dishwasher, sprinklers, insects or rodents, etc.

For emergencies such as flooding, tree damage, etc., call the KHI office number, 918-621-1425. If you get voice mail, leave a message with your complete contact information, property address and a description of the problem, and we will be paged.

Tenant alterations are prohibited

Tenants do not have the right to make alterations, modifications or improvements to the property, including painting. If you wish to have the walls painted a different color, for example, submit a maintenance request. If the owner agrees, KHI will hire professional painters to paint the unit and bill you for the work. You will also be responsible to pay for the walls to be painted back to the original color when you move out. For an upgrade, such as the installation of security lights, if we can obtain the owner’s approval we will install the lights and bill you for the expense. Tenants may not improve, modify, alter, or repair the home without Landlord’s prior written permission.

Satellite Dishes

Tenants are not permitted to mount satellite dishes directly on the house. Tenant’s must get with the provider and mount the dish on a poll that is in view from the street.

Plumbing problems

The only items safe to put down the drains of the property are human waste and toilet paper. The following items are prohibited: paper towels, grease, tampons, sanitary napkins, food, condoms, paint, toys, and litter from pet waste. While Landlord is responsible to repair the plumbing systems when they break in the course of normal use, the Tenant is responsible for repairs caused by negligence. If Tenant, tenant’s children or guests put any item down the drain other than human waste and toilet paper causing a plumbing blockage, the resulting plumbing bill shall be paid by Tenant as additional rent.

Garbage disposals

Please be careful with your garbage disposal, if you have one. You will be charged the vendor fee for unblocking a garbage disposal if any of the following are found to have blocked the garbage disposal: Bones, banana peels, corn husks, pasta, cornmeal, stringy vegetables, “twister” seals, screws, nails, cigarette butts, flower clippings, toys, coins, grease, shellfish shells, celery, onion skins, potato peels, rice, meat fats, artichokes, bottle caps, rubber bands, string, popcorn kernels, egg shells, coffee grounds, glass, utensils, fruit pits, washcloths, or sponges. If you can’t chew it, don’t put it in the garbage disposal.

Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities

The property owner has a duty to maintain your residence in compliance with the Uniform Housing Code. KHI has provided you with an easy-to-use maintenance request feature on the KHI website. We want you to report maintenance items!

However, there are items that are the tenant’s responsibility and we have listed them here. Please refer to your Lease for more details on the list below:

  • Replacing smoke alarm batteries
  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Reporting non-functioning smoke alarms immediately if fresh batteries do not solve the problem
  • Professional steam cleaning and spot cleaning of carpets while residing in the property
  • Basic insect/rodent control
  • Landscape cleanup if a service is not provided
  • Reporting lack of landscape cleanup if a service IS provided in your Lease
  • Landscape watering unless restricted by local or state ordinance.
  • Reporting malfunctioning irrigation systems or sprinklers, even if it is the responsibility of a home owners association
  • Disposal of all garbage in the proper receptacles and using the weekly pick up service
  • Disposal of animal feces on the property even if you do not have a pet
  • If the residence has a fireplace, use caution and care when operating the fireplace and disposing of ashes or coals. Do not dispose of coals from the fireplace until they have cooled outside for a week.
  • Check to see if damper is open before starting a fire in the fireplace.
  • Disposing of toxic waste properly in accordance with local and county laws

Home Owners Associations (HOA) – IF your community has one!

All tenants are to abide by the codes set forth by the HOA. If you do not have a copy of the covenants and restrictions, contact KHI. If KHI does not have access to the document, you will be given a contact number to obtain these documents.

The owner is obligated to pay any assessments that are associated with the property. The tenant is obligated to pay for access to any amenities and to pay for any fines that occur during his or her tenancy.

Renters Insurance

A burglary, fire or flood can be devastating.

All personal property located on or stored in the Premises shall be kept and stored at Tenant’s Sole risk and Tenant shall indemnify and hold harmless Owner from and against any loss or damage to such property arising from any cause whatsoever. Further, Tenant is required and solely responsible for obtaining Tenant’s insurance to cover Tenant’s personal property and a minimum of five hundred thousand ($500,000) dollar liability policy.

KHI recommends that you call Tawyna Page at Shelter Insurance for your renter insurance needs:

Tawnya Page Agency: 918-258-1700 (o) 918-258-1702 (f), or TPage@ShelterInsurance.com


Tenant shall not keep pets of any kind (except trained dogs needed by blind, deaf or physical disable persons) on the Premises without a pet supplemental with all its terms and conditions agreed upon and signed by Tenants and Owner. If, after move-in, a pet is acquired without a supplemental pet agreement, agreed upon and signed prior to pet’s arrival, Owner has the right to terminate the lease and commence eviction.


Giving notice to vacate

Eventually, you will want to move and we want you prepared when this time comes. The lease requires tenants to give a minimum 30-day written notice as of the last day of a calendar month.

When you give notice, you will have either completed the full term of the Lease or you will be terminating early.

Before Giving Notice:

  • Refer to your Lease to determine whether your termination is a non-renewal or an early termination.
  • The day KHI receives the notice is the date the notice begins.
  • Notice must be in writing. You may send it by email as a scanned file, by fax, or by U.S. postal mail.


Either a new lease or extension of the existing lease must be signed or written notice to vacate the property must be given at least 20 days prior to the expiration of the active lease. The owner has the right to show the residence to potential buyers or tenants with a four (4) hour notice, Monday through Saturday, 9:00AM to 6:30PM. The home must be in a clean and satisfactory condition for showing.

Early Termination

If you choose early termination, in addition to the requirements of non-renewal above, you must also pay an early termination fee equal to two (2) month’s rent on or before the move-out date. If you choose early termination, comply with all the requirements for it and move out of the property leaving a zero balance, KHI will give you a good tenant reference. Note, Any portion of the two (2) months rent will be returned to you if we have a new tenant placed within the 2 month period.

Default – Liquidated Damages

If you move out of the property without complying with the requirements for non-renewal or early termination, then you default on your lease. You will owe rent through the notice period (30 days as of the last day of a calendar month) plus two month’s rent in liquidating damages plus any other balance owed on your move-out statement. If you do not pay this amount in full, you will be given a negative rental reference, your account will be turned over for collections, either by KHI or a collection agency and your credit will be marked.

Setting Up Your Move-Out Appointment

In order for you to have your security deposit returned, KHI must conduct a “Move-Out” inspection. To arrange this:

  • Contact the KHI office to schedule a move-out appointment.
  • KHI only performs move out appointments during weekdays, 9 am to 6:30 pm Monday through Saturday.
  • Supply a forwarding address and telephone number for your security deposit refund.

Showings to Prospective Tenants During the Notice Period

According to the Lease, KHI may show the property to prospective tenants after either KHI or the tenant has given notice to vacate. During the notice period, KHI has the right to place a yard sign in the lawn and a lock-box on the door. The property may be shown by KHI staff.  When a KHI staff member has a prospective tenant who wants to see the property, we will give you a courtesy call prior to showing the property. Showing times are from 9:00 AM til 6:30PM Monday through Saturday. If we do not get a reply to our courtesy call message, we will show the property at the time noted in the message we left.

Security Deposit Refunds in Oklahoma Landlord-Tenant Law

KHI complies with the Oklahoma landlord-tenant law in determining the amount of security deposits refunded.

  • If applicable, the Security Deposit shall be returned to Tenant by Landlord within 30 days after the termination of the Lease or the surrender of Premises by Tenant.
  • Landlord shall have the right to deduct from the Security Deposit: (1) the cost of repairing any damage to Premises or Property caused by the negligence, carelessness, accident or abuse of Tenant, Tenant’s household or their invitees, licensees and guests; (2) unpaid rent, utility charges or pet fees; (3) cleaning costs if Premises is left unclean; (4) the cost to remove and dispose of any personal property; and/or (5) late fees and any other unpaid fees and charges.
  • Landlord shall deliver the Move-Out Statement, along with balance, if any, of the Security Deposit. The Move-Out Statement shall either be delivered mailed to the last known address of Tenant or sent to via email to the email that is on file. If the letter containing the payment is returned to Landlord undelivered and if Landlord is unable to locate Tenant after a reasonable effort, the payment shall become the property of Landlord 90 days after the date the payment was mailed.

Cleaning Guide for Tenant Move-Out

When you are ready to move, if you have questions on how to prepare your residence, please call the KHI office, and discuss your concerns with us. We want your move to be a pleasant and successful one.

Below is our Cleaning Guide for Tenant Move-Out. This is also available as a form on the KHI website on the Tenants page. We provide it for your convenience. Please note that KHI staff will use this same checklist in our move-out inspection of the property together with the move-in inspection form on file to calculate damages, if any, to withhold from your security deposit.

1. All rooms

  1. Remove all nails, tacks, anchors and window covering hangers.
  2. Clean baseboards and corners being careful to remove all dust and cobwebs.
  3. Have all Carpets Professionally Cleaned.
  4. Wash off shelves in closets and remove all hangers and shelf lining.
  5. Clean light fixture coverings, around light switches and door frames.
  6. Clean out fireplace (if applicable).

2. Kitchen

  1. Clean oven, oven walls and grills, broiler pan, and storage space.
  2. Clean vent-a-hood (run through dishwasher if available).
  3. Wipe kitchen cabinets and clean inside, outside, and on top. Remove all liners. Handle drawers in the same manner.
  4. Clean refrigerator including walls, containers.
  5. Clean sink and counter top.
  6. Clean floor.
  7. Clean light fixture coverings.
  8. Remove all cleaning solution residue.

3. Bathroom

  1. Clean all light fixtures and coverings.
  2. Clean medicine cabinet and mirrors (should be free from streaks).
  3. Sweep, mop, and clean all vinyl and tile flooring.
  4. Thoroughly clean toilet, sink, cabinet, and tub or shower. Remove all cleaning residues.
  5. Clean all wall/floor/tub/shower tile, grout and caulk with a mold and soap scum cleaning solution.
  6. All soap, dishes, handles, racks, faucets and walls should be free of dirt and stains.

4. Exterior, basements, out-buildings and yard (if you are responsible for yard maintenance in your Lease)

  1. Cut, rake, and remove trash and leaves from yard.
  2. Sweep off all porches and decks.
  3. Sweep out basement, carport, garage and any outbuildings, leaving only those items which came with the property.
  4. Place all trash, garbage and debris where garbage company instructs for pickup, or remove from property. If you leave items which the garbage company will not accept, have them hauled off at your expense.


We hope that you have found the KHI Tenant Handbook useful and informative. It is our goal to prepare you for a successful tenancy and a pleasant move out when this occurs. If you have any questions on the enclosed information, Please contact the KHI office.